I love the new HVAC units

Last month, I took a few palss with me into the city to do some fun shopping. The people I was with and I weren’t really trying to find anything specific; we were just going for fun. I remember noticing this decent sale going on for brand new new smart window air conditioning units. I used to think all window air conditioners were garbage, but these ones caught my eye. They featured an incredibly effective and energy efficient model that could be controlled with a device connected to WiFi. This meant that you could download a smartapp for your PC plus set the air conditioning from just about somewhere that you could connect! They also featured a clean air ionizer which would eliminate dust plus allergens from the air which would definitely hinder the allergy symptoms that I face. I also will receive a humidifier that cleans the water vapor from our stuffy Summer water. I elected to splurge plus I acquired two of these smart window air conditioning units. When I arrived at my condo, I had my boyfriend help me install 1 in the living room, plus after that I put 1 in our dining room. After using them for a month, I have found that they save me money on my power bill, and using the technology is actually quite fun. My boyfriend couldn’t know that I was able to get them for such an affordable price. I must say, I really am great at researching for the best sales! My boyfriend didn’t even know that smart window air conditioner units were a product that they had invented.