I love to be outside

There’s a state park near my condo that I visit at least once a week, and it’s an absolutely appealing site. I believe I’m lucky to have such great access to it! Sometimes when I go out there, I end up staying all afternoon because there are tons of trails and caves to explore. Just last weekend, I even went camping out there for a couple of days. I enjoyed the adventure, but by Sunday afternoon I was ready to get back to my condo. The fluctuating temperatures were unusually high that weekend, so not having access to an HVAC system was tough. When I made it back to the condo,I was so tired that I turned down the climate control on the HVAC system and collapsed on the sofa. I could feel the frigid air pumping, and I ended up sleeping for three hours straight! My outing made me realize how much I prefer nature plus how much I prefer our A/C system all at the same time. I’ve actually been contemplating taking a week long trip to a strange park that’s a few minutes away from where I live. Despite the fact that I guess that I need some more experience with longer camping trips before I do that, a week without an A/C in the woods sounds both fun as well as challenging. I know that I could survive for a week, despite the fact that I don’t want to be uncomfortable the entire time. Perhaps I should attempt a four day trek before I do the week long trip in completely fresh territory. Or I could always just bring a portable A/C unit along in my pick-up. That would be the dream!

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