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Homeowners are usually pretty shell shocked when their Heating & A/C unit quits.  Whether it is occuring right in the middle of the Winter season & your furnace went right out on a truly cold day, or the dear old air conditioner stopped sending out the chilled, conditioned air in the middle of a heat streak.  Neither situation is good, especially if your region is experiencing some serious weather and outdoor temperatures at the same time as your Heating & A/C breakdown, but then again, there are ways to prevent this. Your furnace not finally working on possibly the coldest day of the entire year can wind up to be actually be a truly dangerous situation, by leaving you & your poor little family without heat on such a cold day. Besides that, we’ve all heard stories about an AC unit that went down in the southern heat during an emergency.  Also a truly potentially dangerous Heating & A/C breakdown to deal with. Depending on where it is you live, if your cooling system just shut down & refused to send out any fresh and cool air in the summer season time, you could be easily looking at hotel costs for everyone, along with Heating & A/C repairs. The signs of a malfunctioning Heating & A/C unit aren’t always the most straight-forward to see, so it’s far better to just have a pro come out. Hiring an Heating & A/C professional to come clean & properly inspect your system will eliminate that humidity complication in the air. Any clicking or grinding noise from your outside condenser should immediately warrant a iPhone call to an Heating & A/C professional instantly!

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