I think I have the answer

When I was quite a bit younger, I knew I wasn’t destined to sit roots in any town for along. I’m a wandering spirit, plus I just can’t seem to settle down in any way. I do like to travel, plus while our family can’t get over our wanderlust, I can’t see myself buying a cabin in any city. With our enormous urge to travel in mind, I made a point to save as much spare money as I possibly could from a young age. By our early twenties, I was finally able to put down a major down payment on a used Winnebago. After buying it for myself, I worked for another several weeks to save as much as I could for adventures. By that time, it was late April, plus I’d given our departure notice to our supervisor. With our travel budget prepared, plus many weeks of free time ahead, I was so pumped to get out on the road on my own plus do some traveling! There was only a single problem: our little RV had the very worst cooling system I’ve ever had to deal with. Imagine if you were constantly riding around in a car with busted air conditioning. Now, imagine that same highly uncomfortable, sticky feeling in a arena where you regularly must sleep! Needless to say, I had to make a single last purchase that day before I could hit the road. I searched online to find an cooling system that was easily compatible with our RV, plus I was able to find a equipment for sale already at an RV parts store not too far from where I live! While I felt it was clear that I could handle installing the unit, I asked the men at the store if they would perhaps like to help me install the unit. I didn’t want to take any chances, because of course, if I had a single more bump in the road before I got to start traveling, I was probably going to lose our AC and my mind!

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