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I love my gym. I had stopped going to the gym for a long time. I couldn’t find one that was close to my work and open the hours that I needed. But, one other big piece were my allergies. I had very severe allergies. Often, when I went to the gym, my allergies were aggravated by their outdated air filter system. It was a high price to pay for a workout. The only problem is that I never worked out at home either. I am the queen of procrastination! So, my friend, Karen, called me up the other day and told me she found a new gym. It has just opened up and it was close to our work. I told her that was fine, but I still had the same problems. That is when she told me that the gym had the Pure Air Filter System. This air filter system was very specific to allergy sufferers. In fact, this gym took it a step further in that it was specifically for allergy sufferers. You had to be referred by your doctor and with a written recommendation. I was amazed. Once, I got all of my paperwork in, I was ready to workout! It was so amazing how clean the air was due to this filter system. I think the first day I worked out longer than I had in months. The air conditioning felt so wonderful and I came away feeling great! I was very thankful to my friend for this great find. I know it sounds simple to others, but for someone with severe allergies a proper HVAC system is a serious issue!

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