I was relieved

I used to have a friend who helped me out often back in the day. He has fixed my car a few times and has done some work around the house. He even got my HVAC system up and running again when it broke down one time and I didn’t have to call for professional repair. I felt like my buddy was a godsend because it seemed he was a jack of all trades. Eventually things started to change however. It seemed like he was getting really lazy with things and dragging his feet and he developed this really bad attitude. I actually have a car still sitting in the driveway that he was working on saying he could replace the engine no problem, but he was working on it for months. Well, the car is sitting there and the engine is still in the garage. The last thing he was working on was the HVAC system. It was this last fall and he kept saying that he needed certain parts for it, but he was really taking his time finding the parts. I knew that I needed to have my HVAC system working good before the winter, so I decided to just call the HVAC company. They quickly sent out an HVAC technician, took care of all the necessary work and that was that. Sure I paid a little more money, but it was done professionally as well as promptly. My friend was mad because he said he got most of the parts and I already took care of everything. He said that he wasn’t even going to finish the car then and I could forget about asking him for any help in the future. Honestly, I was relieved because while things were okay for a little while, he was starting to really get on my nerves.

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