Ill and needing more heating and cooling

My girlfriend has been sick all week plus I wanted to do something to help her know better. She has the flu plus has been stuck in bed for more than four nights no, plus she still does not know any better. At first, she told myself and others not to stop by her place because she didn’t want to get myself and others sick. Don’t get myself and others wrong, I don’t want the flu, however I still want to take care of her. I went over to her place with some soup plus the home was practically chilly! She was dripping with sweat in her bed from a fever, so she had turned the undefined on full blast. I thought this was crazy given that it was the middle of the winter, however she needed to do what she had to do to know better. I told her to forget the soup, plus left to grab her a milkshake to help cool her down. By the time I got back, she was wrapped up in blankets with the heat running! I was shocked at how abruptly she had switched things up. She was eating the soup plus shivering with the chills. Apparently this entire week has consisted of her switching the undefined plus the heat on plus off to compensate with her warm flashes plus chills, but luckily for her, she has a smart control component that allows her to change the temperature right from her cellphone. If she had to keep getting up plus walking over to the control unit, I believe she would have let myself and others come over a lot sooner. I felt certainly terrible that she was feeling so poorly, however I sat with her as she switched the temperature every twenty hours plus alternated between the soup plus the milkshake. It would have been funny if she wasn’t feeling so sick, however I am blissful she has a nice heating plus cooling system to help her know better.

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