I’m experienced

My parents were not very well off when I was a kid. In reality, if you wanted something you had to work for it, and work hard. One thing I always envisioned having was air conditioner! The Summers in my area get terribly humid and my family never had a central cooling system, and I moaned plus begged for A/C the majority of my life, and my father then found a portable cooling unit on the side of the road that was free to have. It did not work at all, but my parents still picked it up for me. They said that if A/C was that crucial to me, I could service the portable air conditioner plus have it. I worked on that portable A/C unit for months plus months. The Summer I got the portable unit was not the Year I was able to use it. Over a year after it was when I finally got the air conditioner back and running smoothly. I had to task longer hours at my task in order to finance the pieces I needed for the machine. I needed to basically rebuild the cooling unit from top to bottom. Once every part was basically replaced, the cooling system worked like a champ. My family plus I loved that little portable air conditioner. I set up the A/C unit in the family living room so that pretty much everyone would get to lay in the freezing air. Now, everybody is a lot more well off. My parents have central A/C in there house and I have a ductless air conditioner unit. With that being said, I still own that little portable A/C unit that I fixed. The two of us have history.

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