I’m fine with that observance

I can’t imagine how the settlers managed to survive hundreds of years ago in this seriously difficult plus unpredictable climate. I can’t imagine relying on mother nature to supply the weather conditions necessary for establishing a successful life they way that they did. I also can’t imagine how difficult it was to work in this blistering 100 degree weather all Summer long, but somehow they did it. In comparison, I can’t even walk to our vehicle without cursing the sun plus humidity for making me so uncomfortable. That being said, I have a pretty trying relationship with a/c. You see, as much as I hate the desperate heat plus mugginess of Summers around here, I also have setback reactions to continual AC. It is truly necessary to have acceptable central a/c at lake home in order to lead a functional life in the Summer heat, however, that same cooling method works against me in several cases. As much as I love the feeling of cool, dry air passing through our home, our sinuses do not agree with this sentiment. Something about the artificially cool air right away flames a sinus infection deep inside of our face. Within mornings of the Summer season each year, I am desperately sniffling, coughing, plus blowing out nose. My nasal cavities are all dried out plus painful, plus every breath of air conditioned air is painful to experience. Since I can’t survive without central cooling, I think as though these respiratory illnesses are unavoidable. I can either melt to death, or deal with a nasty head cold. At this point, I’m just choosing the lesser of multiple evils every Summer.

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