I’m going to try an turn this air conditioner off

I really like my job and all the people I work with. I work for a SEO company that specializes in making websites for HVAC business. Not the most exciting work, but I am good at it and I like my job. I call the HVAC owners, chat with them a bit and create a website they like. Ironically, the HVAC at my workplace is just terrible. Specifically the air conditioning at work is horrible. The air conditioner is always on full blast at all hours of the day. I think my boss sets our thermostat to around 50 degrees. The air conditioner never turns off and I freeze my butt off all day. In the Summer I have to wear long pants, long sleeves, and bring a jacket with me. It gets to be really ridiculous after awhile. What I lately having been trying to do is sneakily turn off the cooling system at work. There is a central thermostat that links to the air conditioner. The thermostat is right outside my boss’s office. Also the watercooler is right next to it. So every now and then I get up pretending to get water. Then I click up the temperature on the thermostat or I just turn off the whole AC unit. I get away with no or low AC for around an hour before the boss notices. What is funny is that my boss is livid about somebody touching the thermostat. He has put up notices around it, sent out emails detailing and held a meeting about it. Why doesn’t he realize that we just want less AC?

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