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The two of us can’t stand to have conversations with people that aren’t very bright. There are often times when people talk about things that they have actually no idea on. This happened recently, when the two of us were at the fair. The two of us were meeting some friends, in addition to the fact that they were talking about their furnace in addition to cooling unit. Something had happened the previous day that required a licensed professional, and our friends were certainly trying to explain the problem to the both of us. The two of us actually have a lot of knowledge about furnace in addition to cooling subjects, because the two of us grew up in a house with someone who was a repair person for modern cooling and heating systems. When the guy started to explain some facts about their heat pump, I had to stop him and tell him he was wrong. He looked very surprised when I stopped him from talking, and even more surprised when I explained how terribly inaccurate his statements were. Sometimes I can sit there and listen to people talk about crazy things, but when it comes to furnace in addition to cooling units, I have some knowledge. I certainly proved my point that day, when I decided to explain how a heat pump actually works on compression. The guy looked me in the face, and couldn’t believe that I was correcting all of the things that he had just said. The two of us were smarter than they thought we were.

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