I’m happy about this air conditioner

I travel a lot for work! Most people go and take planes, but honestly, I hate flying–I get air sick. So, what I normally do is take trains across the country on supplier trips. I always book the upper class rate. Even though it costs more, it gives myself and others comfort on those week long journeys. The last train I took was this past summer season, and it was hotter than an oil furnace outside! I was actually thankful that the train had truly good quality air conditioning! I had one of those sleeper cars, and in the sleeper automobile it was even better than out in the regular space of the train. The air conditioning felt great. So great, I almost thought it was Fall or Winter season! There was something about this air conditioning that was different from your general air conditioning you would have at a lake home with a brand new and up-to-date heating and cooling system. This had a purified air kind of feel, and you would  that think on a train, it would be murky. But not on this train it wasn’t! I was actually pleased with this one particular train company. Not many trains I had been on in the past had top quality air conditioning that had a form of air purification going on with it; who knows what kind of system they were running in there! All I do know, is I would like to be able to have a heating and AC system like that for our house! I know they have those air conditioning systems with the whole-home air purifiers, although I don’t know anything would compare to this. It must be some kind of commercial industrial heating and cooling system of some sort. Again, who knows, although I want one! I look forward to next time on this train.

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