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I hate when things don’t work out as planned. It is so disappointing when you build yourself up for a certain set of circumstances, and then things play out differently than anticipated. This is difficult for adults, let alone little kids who have their hearts set on ice cream. This is precisely what happened yesterday when we attempted to take my son to our old favorite ice cream parlor. It was a special place for us; an establishment we visited often during his younger years that always brought happy memories. We have moved across the country since then, so it had been many years since we’d been able to visit the little ice cream shop. That’s why we all got so genuinely stoked when we visited old friends in our previous hometown and realized we could swing by for a scoop. We told my son all about the ice cold ice cream we would be enjoying, and spent a ton of time out in the summer heat before heading towards the parlor. The outdoor air temperature was easily 90 degrees and humid as heck, so we all started to get very excited for the frosty treat. When we walked into the establishment, however, we were immediately greeted with the worst news. The shop was burning hot and smelled sickeningly sweet. As we looked around, we saw a disaster laid out in front of our eyes. The coolers were all empty, and full of humid moisture. The store owner came rushing out from the back room, holding a disconnected thermostat in his hand. Apparently the ice cream cooler temperature control had entirely failed, and every single flavor had been ruined by the heat. Not only were we severely overheated from the pounding sun, but we were all pretty hot around the collar. My son, especially, had a complete meltdown.

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