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There aren’t many things that can really help to make a long bout of traveling more comfortable or enjoyable. I mean, short of upgrading to first class and having rights to the gold members’ lounge areas at the airport, I have no idea how to make the process of going from coast to coast more pleasurable. That’s why we don’t really even bother too much. We go on a ton of long trips, and generally just take the car instead of trying to find a dogsitter and pack our belongings into a single carry on. We know there aren’t too many solutions to make a long road trip comfortable, and we try really hard not to distract ourselves with junk food and bad habits. Instead, we’re just glad that the car has excellent air quality control inside so we can navigate long stretches of highway with the ideal indoor air temperature. It doesn’t sound like much, but if you’ve ever been in a vehicle with terrible heating or AC, you know what that unique brand of hell feels like. You might be in the Midwest and wind up with patchy heating, that alternates between lukewarm and burning hot as you attempt to survive blowing blizzard conditions. You could be in the deep south and find out that your AC system barely produces any cool air, or has the airflow of a gentle breath. Heck, I’ve even been in cars where the rear seats didn’t have any air vents for the rear passengers to get fresh air! As much as I dread being on the road for 9-12 hours at a time, at least we can breathe easy thanks to our remarkable HVAC system.

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