I’m renting all my apartments

The other night my wife and I were sitting out on the balcony, having a few glasses of wine and describing our perfect house. Our balcony is on the third floor of an eight story building, and we absolutely hate it here. We play these sort of mental games all the time to distract ourselves the miserable reality of where we live. Sometimes we plan out a dream vacation, or the perfect part of the world to move to, or a dream house. When you combine our imaginations with wine, it can make a dull evening much more fun. This particular evening was extra miserable because the central A/C for the entire building was out of order. It’s not like we were the only ones suffering, everyone else was out of cooling, too. We sat outside discussing our dream houses, and the subject of climate control came up as a matter of course. We started discussing the specific amenities we would each want for our perfect climate control system. She said she wanted radiant heated flooring in every room, which made me laugh out loud. Here we were sweating our butts off and she is telling me about heating systems! I countered with my description of the intensely cold air conditioning system I would have installed. It would have zone controlled temperature settings, so each room could be customized with a unique level of cooling. I would want a smart thermostat that I could give verbal orders to, and last but not least I would want hospital quality air filters.

temperature control unit