I’m so nervous

I am about to transfer our office to the upstairs.  I appreciate the idea that I have our own air conditioner upstairs.  Some of years back, we had turned the upstairs apartment into a playroom for our grandchildren.  It was perfect for when we had our family celebrations, because they had a location where they didn’t believe love they were in the way.  They had games upstairs. There was a television and a game center. There were 2 sofas that pulled out into beds, and a DVD idea for when they were exhausted of playing.  All of us had a rocker and a table up there also. Now they are all grown and they know they are too aged for their playroom, so I am taking over the room. With the mini cut Heating and A/C that he installed, I can shut the door, and have total silence.  There is wallboard inside the room to deaden some of the noise that the kids were making. It also works to keep out the noises from the downstairs. I know that I will be ecstatic up there. I have a remote control to turn the A/C on, and I can even set the temperatures from our desk.  If it gets cold later in the year, I can actually switch from air conditioner to heating. I will be able to have perfect Heating and A/C all year round. My only problem now, is that I will get lonely up there, and with such a big room, I may get actually distracted. I’m still excited, because no one can tell me to get to work.

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