I’m very happy with all this

I see nothing wrong with the fact that I enjoy going out to the clubs on the weekends to get loose and have a good time. I catch a lot of flak from my parents and a couple of my more conservative friends about this, but they just do not know how to kick back and have a good time. I am a senior in college and you would not believe how boring some of my friends can be. On a perfectly good Friday night they would rather stay in and study than go hit the clubs and flirt. To each their own I suppose, though I really do hope they aren’t all having nervous breakdowns in their forties because they didn’t live it up now. The club life is great but the one drawback that can be annoying is how hot it gets inside. With a couple hundred people on the dance floor it can feel like a furnace in there. Granted we have all be imbibing so no one really notices, but would it really hurt the club to instal an air conditioner or at least put up some large fans to cool people off? There have been a few times that I had to walk outside to cool off. I get drenched in sweat and once I hit the cool outdoor air I almost immediately start shivering from being cold. Sometimes you just can’t win I suppose. That is why it would be great if they air conditioned the club, then I would not have to deal with all the sweat.

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