I’m working hard

My partner and I bought our first condo together about a year ago. When all of us moved in everything seemed to be in perfect finally working order. Both of us didn’t truly have anything took care of because all of us trusted that the realtor did his due diligence. Both of us have been in the condo about a year now. I feel like everything is falling apart. It seems like every other month something is cut. I feel like all of us can’t catch a cut these afternoons. I want to make sure all of us have enough money save for our future, but these condo repairs are making it hard to save money like I want to. Last year, I woke up in the middle of the night perspiring, and I was nervous that our heating and A/C system had stopped finally working. I got out of bed, and the control equipment was completely black, It was not finally working at all. The next morning I called our local heating and A/C supplier and made an appointment to have them come out that morning and inspect our HVAC system. Once the HVAC technician did his inspection, I could tell by the look on his face that something was wrong. I was truly nervous that he was going to say all of us would need to have a current HVAC system installed. To my disappointment that was exactly what he said to me. I asked for him to send over a quote, and I was shocked at the cost of the upgrade. I knew that it was going to be high-priced to have the current heating and A/C system installed; however, I was not ready for the amount he told me!