Jealous of the a/c

My neighbors are pretty nice people, we’re not super close best pals or anything but all of us chat when all of us see each other passing by plus borrow things from each other when needed. Last month, my neighbors had a major issue with their heating plus cooling system, but it was a few days ago which was the dead of Summer time weeks, plus their air conditioning completely broke on us. They asked myself and others if I knew anything about repairing heating plus cooling units because they really could not afford to hire a certified heating plus cooling contractor to get an HVAC contract worker out there. Sadly, I did not understand the first thing about air conditioning, heating, HVAC technology or even how the general upgrade of a thermostat works! However, I did have a distant cousin that lives and also works in neighborhood as an HVAC specialist for the city’s top plus most well known heating and cooling corporation! He usually gives me generous discounts when I have problems with my heating and cooling system, plus has also helped out some friends of mine with the same discounts when they had trouble with their heating plus cooling systems as well. So, I gave to call him up for them to see if he would do myself and others a favor plus repair my neighbor’s HVAC component for nearly half price as he always has for my friends plus myself. They agreed, so I called up the local heating and cooling business, talked a little to my cousin, plus he with glee gave to come out plus do it for half price, then my neighbors were so stoked about this! They thanked myself and others very much.

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