Keeping my home cool and comfortable

I’m a man of action. I don’t like waiting around, twiddling my thumbs and waiting for an opportune moment to make a decision – once my mind’s been made up, and I have the resources to back me up, I make my decision and live with it. While it allows me to get through life with a developed ability to improvise when things don’t go my way, it sometimes bites me later when I didn’t thoroughly think things through. A great example of this would be this past Summer, when I decided I was done with my AC unit. My energy bills were climbing rapidly, and I couldn’t stand dealing with the subpar performance my old unit offered. I figured I would kill two birds with one stone, and since I had a small place, I would just buy a window unit to cool down my apartment. I went online, read reviews for some units, and after some skimming I went out and bought a pretty cheap window unit. I installed it myself, and for the first few months it worked just fine. Tragedy struck in the dead of the Summer though, when it broke down on me and wouldn’t function at all. I hate calling service repairs in, but I knew it needed to be done if I wanted to sleep in a bearable temperature. I called out an HVAC repairman, who looked at the unit and couldn’t help but smile. He told me this unit just had a recall sent out on it, and that it was notorious for catching fire after a few days of non-stop usage. He said I was lucky that it only broke down, as he visited a couple just days ago who had theirs catch fire while they slept. I was thankful, but still pretty angry that something so terrible could’ve happened! Needless to say, I’ve had the unit sent back in, and I’ll be doing some thorough research next time!