Kitchen needs a heater

My lovely boyfriend is a honestly great all around guy. He’s sweet and attentive and absolutely a superb person; But goodness, he cannot cook to save his own life. With that being said this does not stop him from trying his hardest and I never want to tell him to give it  a rest. He honestly wants to be able to deliver for me, and how can he learn if I don’t let him work on his craft? On option the meal is recoverable, but for the most space we have to run the vent hood to get rid of the nasty odor floating around. The worst is when I have to run the vent hood in the winter, because we can’t open any of the windows or doors without letting snow get in. However, I’ve began to notice that every evening we have to get the stench of another ruined meal out of the kitchen. It’s almost always incredibly freezing when I go to make pop or get water later in the evening, it got to the point where I was checking the thermostat on our central heater. I even asked my boyfriend if he had gotten desperate and opened a window, but he swore he hadn’t. It was our uncle of all people who helped our figure it out. The heat was going out our vent hood the whole time! Apparently a vent hood can remove all of the sizzling air produced by your central heater. In just an eighth or two, it can remove a whole apartment’s worth of lovely heat, however now we’re being careful to only run the vent for 20 minutes for the sake of the oil furnace. We are both praying this will make our guy be a little more careful in the kitchen too!

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