Less a/c in the summer

Occasionally, it doesn’t much matter if the temperature control is set at a high level, because I am always cold. I’m not exactly sure what easily causes a phenomenon like this, but it’s typically a pain. Every person in our place walks around in t-shirts plus a pair of jeans. I happened to wear a heavy wool sweater plus even a jacket after. I also have heavy hunting socks with a pair of leather slippers. Still, I get chills on my spine. The doctor thinks it’s my diet. I have a healthy heart diet, plus the rate of my heart has considerably slowed since eating respectfully. I believe the blood isn’t really pumping very fast for producing some heat. Instead, I have to use a small space heater in my office. I closed the door, hibernate, while waiting for Winters harsh season to be over. I usually enjoy winter most, but now it’s difficult to help wash snow from the porch. I used to wear a light jacket plus Sneakers, but now I can barely step outside in the cold temperatures. I particularly believe it would be nice for a furnace to heat the whole family. I easily wonder if this will be helpful during the summer, when the temperatures are very warm. Perhaps I will be comfortable, rather than need to use the air conditioner all summer. Without having to use the air conditioner for the whole summer, I’m sure and energy bill will easily be a bit lower. It’s hard to find a comfortable place in the winter, but the summer might be different.

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