Less costs, but same service

With the dark ages behind us for good, we can predict energy costs down to the dollar each month. We enjoy the conveniences made possible with electricity, but with the constant rise in prices, the bills generated by the use of our fondest appliances can be daunting! With the drastically changing weather conditions, most would find it all too challenging to survive without a reliable HVAC unit. It’s good to be hot in Winter and cool in summer, so having a more energy-efficient climate control system is critical. A heat pump is something which offers this option. Rather than generating heat and cold a la conventional central air systems, the heat pump transfers hot or cold air to its destined rooms. The heat is drawn from the earth or surrounding air, using a relatively small amount of energy in the process. The heat pump works much kinda like a refrigerator, but though it’s called “heat pump”, it’s able to supply hot and cool air. Another advantage of a heat pump is that you don’t need to install a furnace for heating or condenser for cooling. Less equipment, less power – more savings. I happen to live in a moderate climate which is perfect for heat pump use! I do like our proper Heating and A/C component and the lovely air quality it provides. Still, if I can get a similar job done by equipment that is more efficient, less costly and just as effective, why wouldn’t I?  

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