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My hubby and I threw a BBQ last weekend. It was pretty hot out, and as a result a lot of people didn’t show up. But, every one of us were able to make the best of things! All of us had so much ice, in addition to someone put ice in front of a fan in addition to had it blowing; People were taking turns getting in front of the fan blowing the cool air. It was just like a makeshift air conditioning system machine, then someone showed up later who legitimately had a portable air conditioning system machine! They hooked it up and people were feelin good in addition to eating food in front of that portable air conditioning system unit! For being outside, I was impressed with the cool air that portable air conditioning system component was able to push out. The component was designed for any space including the outdoors! I was saying to my pal who brought the portable air conditioning system component that I would definitely have to buy a few of those! He told myself and others he got it for a fantastic deal and I thought that was definitely great. I thought the BBQ was going to be a failure since it was so absurdly hot, and it turned out to be a fantastic time with all the people that made it out.

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