Love the HVAC in our town

My wife & I have been in our home for about 15 years now. The two of us have done a lot of renovations from painting, to increasing the floors out, to a lot of landscaping as well. Amongst all the renovations & changes, the a single thing that has reMained constant is our central heating & cooling system. Our gas furnace has been installed by a single of the most reputable local Heating & A/C companies in the business. The two of us are very impressed by their work & the quality of our Heating & A/C system. In those fifteen years all of us have not had any concerns with our system since all of us consistently get our heating & cooling system serviced by a heating & cooling professional. Having the service done on our heating & cooling system entails, having the air ducts cleaned, having a multi-point check on our system & our air filters updated. I suppose that having a well serviced Heating & A/C system has allowed us to have a very efficient oil furnace. Not to mention, it helps having a local heating & cooling worker who knows what he’s doing. The two of us have had the same guy repair our system for the past 15 years & I suppose that is a great thing however pretty rare as well. A lot of friends that I know that live more in a neighborhood area get many weird people from the same supplier to repair their system. I suppose that has what’s so special about living in a small town & getting to know local corporations because you get to know the people that do things for you. For Christmas all of us provided our heating & cooling worker a gift card & a tin of cookies for his outstanding work that he is done for us every year.