Mom is amazing at heated floor installs

There is no one more capable to handle a household project than my mother. My mom can take care of any maintenance or necessary repairs. She installs drywall, windows, and cabinets like a professional. She has no problem tackling minor electrical and plumbing challenges. Anything that requires power tools and plenty of time, and my mother is the right person to call. She is better than most professionals in my opinion. She does not rush a job, cut corners or leave behind.  There’s never a mistake when she’s on the job. That is why I chose her to help me when I invested in radiant floors for my home! Rather than hire an expensive HVAC company to install the heater, I got my mom over. We put in my heated flooring quite easily. It took a lot of hours, but the job went smoothly. If I had chosen hydronic heating, I may have contemplated calling an HVAC professional for the job. Hydronic heating involves tubing and a boiler to move the hot water.  This is more complete. Electric heating is just mats placed under the floorboards. Mom and I removed the existing flooring and fit the mats carefully throughout the floor. We then installed new flooring over top. It was a tedious job but not difficult. Once we finished, I was sure my heating equipment was installed perfectly. I wanted to pay my mom for the job. She refused and said for me to cook her dinner some night. How simple is that? I got a fantastic heating system installed for free.

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