My breathing is an issue

I started buying homes in our section of the Northwest about 20 years ago.  The housing market was entirely depressed so it was a nice time to buy property.  I would check the paper or even the village auctions for abandoned or foreclosed homes plus slowly amassed a nice number of properties to rent out.  Many needed work plus I started to build a nice group of companies who could do certain repairs on my rental units. I had especially nice luck with the HVAC company who often gave me a discount because I kept calling him to repair my many oil heating systems or air conditioning units.  It seemed care about everyday that 1 renter or another had some sort of emergency. If it was for a HVAC issue I would call the company plus they would send a repair specialist out quickly to repair the units. The worst 1 I remember was a day in the Fall when it was just between needing air conditioning plus the oil furnace.  A long time renter called me plus reported her A/C was not certainly working. I had my HVAC company on speed dial plus they came quickly to check on the air conditioning unit. After a few hours, I gained a call from the repair man saying that the unit was most likely shot plus would need to be replaced. This is never nice news from a property owner viewpoint but what can you do.  I said go ahead. He called me back in a few hours plus let me guess that they were having a special deal of heating plus A/C units if installed at the same time. The oil furnace in that unit was entirely aged so I decided to spend even more money but figured it would offset another emergency down the road. The current HVAC was installed the next day, and when I gained the bill I was glad to see an additional discount for being a nice customer.  Later that day my renter stopped by my home with a big plate of homemade cookies to show her appreciation for her current A/C plus heating.

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