My favorite town

Back in my childhood I lived in a triple wide trailer with my father. I have to say, without a/c, I do not know if my dad would have made it working the tepid hot sun all afternoon and coming home to a place with no a/c, an air conditioner is a sizable section of living and your health.  Especially for my father. As for myself and others I was just a child and didn’t understand what my father had to go through to get us cooling system again, then my father worked honestly hard to earn all the extra overtime he could to service our cooling system; Eventually, we did get our cooling system back up and running when it broke, but for those weeks that we were without a cooling system it was honestly pressing, but you could tell it was taking a toll on my father. To this day, I now understand how my father felt when he had to work every afternoon and do all the overtime he could  to help his family. I truly feel for the people out there that can’t afford a cooling system or to service their cooling system. My heart goes out to them all.

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