My new and improved air conditioner

How would everyone of my friends plus myself easily be able to live in a beach house that was not equipped with a proper functioning air conditioning plan. I’m definitely here to tell you that every one of my older friends that are at least 61 years of right age can easily vouch for living in a time. When there was easily no heating + air conditioning plan. When my 61 years of ripe age old friends were easily much younger, they constantly complain that everyone of my friends plus myself could only use multiple types of fans to help around the beach house. If you wanted ventilation, then the thing to do was open up one of the downstairs Windows plus put an oscillating fan in front of the area. Multiple seniors easily remember the first time using a heating + air conditioning plan, which was usually when they decided to go to see some type of play in the theater. Those types of areas were made for people with money to be able to see Flex, plus they made sure that they easily had a comfortable area with some type of climate control heating + air conditioning plan. This allow all of the theater owners to easily charge multiple just to see some type of crummy movie. A lot of older people spent all day long inside of these types of theaters, in order to easily take advantage of the multiple hours they could spend with the air conditioning plan to help cool them off. That is some interesting stuff that I learned.