Need a good cooling system

My friend Tony is a real jerk. I always put up with his foolishness, because we have been friends since grade school. Tony and I grew up in the same town, and the two of us have known each other for roughly 20 years. Last week, Tony asked to borrow $200 to fix his cooling appliance. I didn’t have $200 extra, however Tony was desperate. I loaned Tony money in the past, and he has constantly paid me back. Tony was supposed to pay me back the following week, when he got paid. I didn’t hear anything from Tony for weeks though, until I decided to chase him down. He didn’t have any money, and he said the cooling appliance was still broken. I asked which air conditioner repair he used, and he couldn’t remember the name of the place. I was starting to feel entirely duped, until Tony showed myself and others the receipt from the cooling appliance repair corporation. I honestly believed that Tony was pulling my leg, although he was just as miserable as I happened to be. We contacted the cooling appliance repair corporation, and threatened them with a lawsuit. The cooling appliance repair supplier charged Tony $168 for the repair, and the cooling appliance was still not functioning respectfully. In the end, Tony got the cooling appliance fixed respectfully, and the repair supplier gained a less than superb review on Yelp. Now that the cooling appliance has been repaired, Tony better pay me back soon. My truck engine has been knocking really bad, and I’m going to need money for the repair. I also need new tires and brakes, and also a set of calipers.