Need good air conditioning in the studio

Ten weeks ago, the recording company I utilize for my live show decided to it was time for an upgrade. We had started to become so successful we had outgrown the old one, so our producers thought it was finally time for better accommodations. Let me tell you, if you think moving to a new home is hard, take a shot at moving the props and sets of multiple shows, all for the same streaming network. It took four weeks just to finish the move, and another long three weeks to get everything good to go. We had to be careful to keep track of any props missing during shows, and we were not without our problems now and then. But it was so worth it for one major selling point–the air conditioning! This awesome new studio has blissful central air conditioning piped into every room of the studio, even the sound rooms are delightfully cool. Not only does this help keep our equipment healthy, but it also helps us actors and interviewers to do our jobs with less stress. We don’t need to take as many breaks to commercial and get a glass of water just to catch a breath and cool off. You’re always told in this business that you’re going to be sweating furiously, it’s part of acting. But being comfortable helps us to perform our jobs infinitely better. Even the producer has noticed that we get the job done in less takes. Thanks to the central A/C in the new studio, business is booming.