Need the ac to be perfect

I am getting closer and closer to embarking on the trip of a lifetime, and I couldn’t be more excited. What could be more exciting than an entire week in the south on a charming beach resort with our neighbors? We’ve been friends with the couple next door to us ever since we moved into the neighborhood. We are all a similar age and often get together. A few weeks ago when all of us were having a barbecue in our backyard, it was nearly the middle of the summer, but it was still too chilly for us to even appreciate a good old fashioned barbeque. However, that’s just part of living in the north. That’s when we came up with the idea to take a trip down south. After that miserable afternoon our neighbors commanded that all of us take a group trip down to the south, however down there, all of us don’t have to worry about staying warm, or having to wear heavy wool coats all the time. Every one of us would be able to escape from it all for a short while. We had our eyes on an amazing resort. Every room in the resort has high quality heating and cooling components controlled by a remote.  Not only that, there is also an app that you can access anytime with wifi to adjust your settings with just one touch! Along with all of the Heating as well as A/C perks being state of the art, the resort is also right next to the beach. We will spend our day lounging on the sandy beaches, then we will head up to our lovely air conditioned rooms. The trip is still a few weeks away, however you can bet that all of us are counting down the days!