Need to clean the air filter

One of the worst mistakes you can make as an adult is letting your home’s integrity go in the toilet. HVAC systems is no exception. Switching out the air filters every month, or cleaning the ventilation duct registers to improve indoor air quality can help. Thankfully, I learn from experience – meaning, I don’t have to ignore the “change your air filter” demand every HVAC worker throws at you, however my friends, but, seem content with learning through trial and error – mostly error, as they’ve had severe breakdowns involving their heating system or air conditioner component over forgetting to change out the air filter! That’s why I decided to go with a room cooling system for our condo we live in… It doesn’t usually get sizzling hot enough in our village to justify a heavy-hitting central air conditioner, as the room cooling system installed in our family room does more than enough to cool down the the majority of the condo, then plus, I have ceiling fans in almost every room that help circulate the cool air around the little condo, plus that also helps to keep our utility bills down and lots of energy savings. The best part is, our air quality is excellent all year ‘round thanks to the UV air purifier installed alongside our room cooling system. As the room cooling system cycles and moves on, the circulated air passes through the media UV air purifier plus is swept clean of airborne bacteria plus other germs in the place. Together, they ensure the air I breathe is clean as well as healthy as well as very and extremely fresh!

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