need to get away from the a/c

Today I was genuinely working outside on our tiny home. My wife and I have this big, thirty foot long travel trailer and we’ve been trying to update the exterior of the thing… It’s genuinely strenuous work, so I’ve been putting it off for as long as I could… Today, though, I decided that since the temperature outside wasn’t too sizzling or too cold, I’d go ahead and try to make some progress on it before the weather started getting too cold. Well, unfortunately for me, while I was reaching into the storage area to get my tools, the wind blew the door of the storage compartment loose enough that the whole door fell smack onto the top of my head. I genuinely saw stars for a couple of seconds plus now I’m convinced that I easily have a concussion! I’m sure I must sound crazy, but I have an ice pack on my head plus I’m laying inside right in front of the a/c vent in the tiny house. If I don’t have the air conditioner blowing right in my face, then I have to vomit! I keep trying to move plus just go lie down in bed until my wife gets home. However every time I step away from the a/c vent, it is just not pretty! I know the chilly air is keeping my pounding headache at bay. I don’t know, I just need this to headache go away soon. I can’t deal with laying in front of the the air conditioner for much longer. The top of my head where the door hit seems as though it’s about to freeze off–I bet my nose is getting frostbite. In spite of this, I would still rather sit by the air conditioner all day than to throw up, that’s for sure!

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