Need to get the heater cleaned

When I woke up and got out of bed this morning and looked outside, I was shocked to see that the sunshine was really shining! It’s been so chilly as well as dreary around here where the two of us live for the past 2 weeks that I was beginning to wonder if the sunshine was ever going to shine again, the Winter has been so very long as well as really cold, then we’ve had to run our gas oil furnace almost non-stop, as well as our heating bill has been entirely high, then i don’t care for having to pay to get gas for our gas oil furnace, since it seems as if the heating bills go up every week while I was in the winter. I even tried using an electric area furnace in the living room at the evening hours when the outside temperatures were entirely cold, just to try as well as stay hot without raising the heating bills each month! But unfortunately, that didn’t work. While it saved a little bit on the gas bills for the gas oil furnace, using the electric area furnace just ended up making the electric bill go up! So it was pretty much like robbing John to pay Steve, so to speak. This afternoon when I looked outside, though, it was sunny as well as it really feels warm. I’m praying to the lord that Springtime will come early as well as I can open up the windows as well as turn off all of the heaters! I am really ready for some fresh air as well as also for a break on our heating bills. I am praying that Springtime will hang around for a long time before Summer comes. That way I’ll be able to save money for a while before the two of us beginning having to switch on the a/c!