Need to update the HVAC

My dear wife won’t lay off me about upgrading the HVAC system at home. There was nothing wrong with our current HVAC system as far as I was concerned, but she pressed on. We still had at least another 5 years with our current system, and it just needed a proper tune-up from the trusty old HVAC repairman. However, while I went away on a business trip, my wife did something I wasn’t prepared for in the least. When I made it back home, there was something seriously different! I walked into the home and almost immediately, I noticed how the air quality felt far nicer than usual. There was something really different but I couldn’t really figure it out. When I looked at where the outdated control equipment used to be, I saw this new smart control unit. I asked my wife about the smart control equipment plus he said he got it for a great deal. I thought it was nice, but there was absolutely something else that was really different. I finally had to ask his what was different in the house. She finally let me know that while I was away on my business trip, she had radiant floors installed in our house. I was just in shock for a moment! She started talking about the benefits before I could utter a word. She was saying that the heat flows through pipes underneath the floorboards, and the heat rises nice and even. The heat rises so evenly that it touches every surface, making it feel exceptionally comfortable, plus he was right, it was way more comfortable than it ever was before in our house.

hydronic heating installation