Needed to clean the HVAC

When workers do a bad job they should not be paid! An example,  It was a hot summer last year, and I made sure to call in a heating and cooling specialist, to repair our Heating and Air Conditioning unit, however when the serviceman got there, I realized I’d never seen him before when I called. This is a small city with one Heating and Air Conditioning contractor so most homeowners know all the heating and cooling specialists… But he claimed he was new so I invited him in and he set to work, less than an hour later, the HVAC worker said he had done all there was to do on our Heating and Air Conditioning unit system, and presented myself and others in my family with the bill, our cooling system had stayed unused while in most of the Spring, so I assumed he had not found much wrong and paid him what I owed. That night, we all turned our A/C on, set the thermostat at a comfortable setting and went to bed; Imagine our surprise when both of us woke up perspiring sweat in the wee hours of the morning. The Heating and Air Conditioning unit had broke down and out only hours after I had paid to ensure it would not. When I called up the manager of Heating and Air Conditioning store and told him what happened, he was easily apologetic and said he would send someone else to fix the A/C unit immediately. I made him promise not to send that serviceman from the other day.

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