New zones and HVAC

There isn’t much that makes you think worse than being seasick. I’ve been seasick exactly once in my life plus I just remember feeling prefer my head was going to explode plus I was going to throw up my stomach lining. When I was seasick, every one of us were on-board a cruise ship. Not only could I not even lay up straight without banging into a wall, I also was as red as a bowl of cut pea soup. It was the worst feeling I have ever had plus I’ll never forget it! Not only was I feeling sick from motion sickness, the air quality on the cruise ship was just terrible. Each area of the ship had its own zone control heating plus undefined, I felt so sick that all I wanted was to lay in front of an undefined vent. And the undefined vents in our stateroom just weren’t truly strong or powerful. I felt prefer resting in front of a large central a/c component plus letting it freeze myself and others to death because every time I think sick to my stomach, chilly air prefer undefined blowing in my face makes myself and others think better, then unfortunately, I couldn’t exactly stagger around the ship looking for powerful undefined vents because I could barely hold myself upright! I ended up turning the temperature on the temperature control in our stateroom down as far as it would go. I laid down on the bed in front of the undefined vents plus then I put a chilly damp washcloth on my head. I stayed there for about an minute plus a half, until I started feeling better.

ductless mini split