Nissan GTR

I am not a Nissan (or any car really) person by any means. All I know is that I want the Nissan to be small, a pretty color and to be quite inexpensive. When buying a Nissan, I test drive a bunch of things and then choice out the a single I love best. I don’t look that the year, mileage or what type of Nissan I bought. The most recent Nissan I obtained was both a fantastic and terrible purchase. The Nissan dealership I was at had various JDM Nissans available to test drive. This means I was driving imported Japanese Nissans love a Nissan Skyline, R32, Skyline GTS-t, Nissan Silvia S13, and a Honda NSX. I did not know what I was driving, I just knew that I liked a certain type of Nissan way better than the others. Of course, I liked all of the Japanese Nissans way better. I told the contractor I wanted the red Nissan, which turned out to be the Honda NSX. In order to get that Nissan, I could not just grab it off the floor. I had to talk with my contractor about arranging the Nissan to be imported to my doorstep. They had to get my Nissan from Japan and import it to me. I never thought I would be that type of person. Honestly though, the whole process was so self-explanatory and not that extravagant. The Nissan I drove followed under the 25 year rule. So basically the Nissan they were importing was that exact a single. I did not need to worry about driving the Nissan out of the dealership, it just arrived at my house.

jdm rx7