No HVAC at the concert

When I heard that there was an orchestra coming to neighborhood that was going to do a Christmas tunes concert, I was pretty happy, because I easily can say that I like Christmas tunes and to hear a live orchestra play all of my favorites. I purchased tickets as soon as they were available, although I failed to pay attention to the arena that the concert would take place in, however the concert was going to take place in an open-air arena itself in the middle of winter. Look, I guess that several of the classic Christmas tunes are about the frosty and the snow, but you know what I would have much preferred to like those tunes in a nice hot enclosed building with a powerful furnace running… What I ended up getting was definitely quite the opposite… Despite the large crowd that showed up, all of that body heat was just not enough at all to keep the stands from being ice cold. I mean sure, we were all rosy-cheeked, however we sure weren’t comfy or cozy in there! At a single point, it even began to snow! I toughed it out throughout the concert, however around the time of the encore was playing, I was begging for the warmth of the furnace in my car. I figured that I could miss the last couple tunes and made a split for the parking lot just to get out of there. I went right into my luxury vehicle after a long frosty walk, turned on the engine, and blasted the heat. I sat there for a good 20 minutes thawing out in my car’s excellent heating, and then headed home without a care in the world.

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