No room for a HVAC repair

Working at a stereo station one may assume that is a super simple & fun job to have. This genuinely is both tscheme & not so true, however it is a fun & simple task if everything during your stereo DJ shift is going smooth, however when it does not, it is not so fun & simple. Just this last week, I went in to do my show on the stereo, & the entire building’s heating & cooling method was not working at all! It is pretty cold out there in the evening time hours when I do our show, & without having any heating in the building, it makes things much more difficult. I was aware of the heating & cooling issues before I came to work, but, they did not get the heating & cooling specialists out there before our shift as they were supposed to. They mentioned that the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier had all their heating & cooling specialists booked up until the following day. However that does not help me too much! I ended up having to borrow a Winter coat from a co worker & lucky for me, the stereo station had a couple of space furnaces in their closest, and so, I jammed in the space heater, bundled up in our Winter coat that I borrowed & did my hour long show. It was a pretty rough & cold evening all together! But at least tomorrow evening, the Heating & Air Conditioning method should be up & running once again with nice heating! At least they better damn well be, I do not want to freeze my toes off again! That would be exhausting as ever!

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