Not able to turn on -the heater

Winter months can be super bad & horrible in the northern regions of the country & growing up on a farm in a pasture area made Winter months even worse, but unlike the town area, where there are tall houses to block out the wind, pastures are flat & there is nothing to stop the driving snow & wind. The wind would whirl through the old house. Although our home never seemed to be hot enough, our family & I always made the best of it. No matter how high we switched up our old gas furnace, the home never seemed to be warm enough. With the old gas furnace, all of the heating vents were on the floors. So, our mother would make us giant mugs of tepid milk & we would build a home around the heating vent. The two of us would turn the heating component up as much as it would go & wait as the heat blasted through the home. My mom would also give us each a small plate of hot toast & we would use the heating vents to moderate up and the toast cheese would melt. The gas furnace would sound like a dragon down in the basement as it tried to keep up with our requests for more heating, eventually, the old gas furnace died & our parents had to phone in Heating, Ventilation & A/C techs to try to repair it.  After that, our mom and dad finally decided to get a current Heating, Ventilation & A/C system.

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