Our home is warming up quickly

I live next door to this hot Russian guy named Nikolai.  Nikolai works on his car shirtless and gets all dirty and sweaty like. I really like looking at his abs and watching him in his natural element. Because I am going to marry this Russian god, I try to find reasons to come over to his home. I have found the perfect solution to my issue. I got to use my heating system last winter, and that is my in now. Last year all of us had a major snowstorm on our hands. The weather was in the single digits for a few weeks in a row, plus all of us had snow falling almost every single day. Around 7 in the evening, my heater system started making odd noises. Could it have kept heating? Yup, but that is not what I told Nikolai. He got to hear a loud knock on his door. It was me waiting for him and I told him I was  having trouble with the furnace. Nikolai was trying to get me to contact the local furnace repair service. I said that they weren’t answering the PC. Nikolai asked if I had any small oil gas furnaces or section furnaces for my home. Yes, I keep multiple extra section oil gas furnaces in the garage. This is for an emergency situation, these section oil gas furnaces can genuinely deliver a good deal of warmth. I of course lied about this though. I got invited into his home to warm up. I was ecstatic to get in his home by the gas furnace and cuddle with my neighbor. My neighbor Nikolai then said that I needed a warm location to sleep. I agreed it was the right thing to do for my safety to stay with him. Clever right?

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