People are pointing out the options

For all of my neighbors there seems to be a race going on. Who can have the best garden, and who will be the first one to have a smart refrigerator? Who is the best at keeping their house clean? I’m a working, single parent, and I don’t have time for games. Needless to say, my neighbors don’t like me much. They seem to have preferred a neighbor who was interested in ‘the community’ as they put it, instead of me who is most interested in making sure my kids are where they need to be. And so, to the shock of the entire street, I suddenly entered the race half way through. The race for who has the most updated HVAC system. I didn’t realize this particular subject was of interest until my neighbor across the street came over to watch the HVAC specialists install the new heating and cooling system. She asked me very pointed questions about it. What model is the HVAC unit? How much did it cost? What features did it have? I wanted to throw the pie she was holding right into her face. Did she think I had time to stand around gabbing with her over nothing? I finally was able to escape because I was running late to pick up my son from basketball tryouts. Soon the talk of the neighborhood was how I took first place prize in the contest of who has the best HVAC system on the street. That was my one and only first place prize.

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