Returning to heavy heating

I just came back from a trip, & I’m regretting ever coming back. When I boarded the plane in the south, it was 80 degrees & sunny, entirely perfect. I knew it would be cold back home, although I wasn’t expecting degrees in the teens! It was so damn chilly there  I wanted to cry. I don’t realize why I bother flying lake home sometimes; I hate the cold weather here! My only solace is coming lake home to my central oil furnace. I don’t have the money to afford a smart control unit, so when I got lake home the first thing I did was turn up the heat, and then I got up on the couch with a nice and warm cup of root beer & plugged in the electric blanket to heat me up quickly while I waited for my home to get a little more toasty. Fortunately this didn’t take long–I have a absolutely awesome central oil furnace. My home complex features super fast heating & cooling thanks to our slimmer & more up to date HVAC duct proposal in every unit. In just thirty hours, my home was nice & comfortable again! Just in time too, because the snow started coming down love absurd just as I was cooking supper, and despite it being just 19 degrees with blizzard conditions outside, my home control system study that it was a comfortable 71 degrees. This was all without the HVAC proposal running typically. If it weren’t for my apartment’s enjoyable heating & cooling unit, I don’t know I could survive living here. I’m just wishing that a single day I’ll find a current job & be able to transfer to the south for good.