Sending in a HVAC technician

Today, it was a beautiful morning in March. It was so nice, I was able to open the windows plus let the fresh air in our bungalow! Well, I guess everybody was opening their windows because I could hear the neighbors duking it out about something. After hearing them argument for about 20 minutes, I ascertained that they were fighting about their Heating plus A/C system service. The man was saying that they couldn’t afford to get their cooling system tuned up, plus the wife was yelling back she wasn’t going to go another summer time with a malfunctioning cooling system. Even though it didn’t seem all that heated, the argument was rather long plus they were both not giving in. I really don’t know if they are going to get their cooling system tune-up or not, however if I were that man, I would just pay for the cooling system tune-up regardless of the financial struggle! That lady sounded really mad plus I would be afraid if our wife were yelling at me in such a way. I was a bit smug that I heard this argument though because it reminded me that I should also get our a/c tuned up. So I called the Heating plus A/C supplier plus they sent an Heating plus A/C worker out without delay. The Heating plus A/C worker was absolutely there in a few minutes from when I phoned them. When he pulled up into our driveway, the neighbors saw the name on the truck. The acquaintance lady started yelling at her husband again that the neighbors were smart enough to get a proper cooling system tune-up. I thought the argument was getting kind of over the top plus wished I could just shut the windows.

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