Sharing the HVAC charges

The last few months or so I have been residing with a neighbor of mine, and after this, I have to say that for the rest of my life moving forward I am living by myself no matter who cares! Even if I meet the right person in life, I will not get married, simply because this experience has taught myself and others that I just can not live with anyone, but i need my space, my sanity and my piece of mind, and living with another person just can not provide this to me, then the last straw that made me realize this was the simple fact that my neighbor consistently had the air conditioning cranked so low I felt almost as if I was going to turn into a block of ice! It did not matter if it was the type weather meant for heating, my neighbor always had to have the air conditioning on! It could be the dead of Winter time time months and the air conditioning was consistently on full power! I finally could not take it anymore, so I moved out and got my own locale, but both of us are still friends, but the whole air conditioning thing was just too much. I need heating this time of year more than ever because I get cold so easily. Of course, we could have fixed the concern by getting something called heating and cooling zone control, which is where you have thermostats in strange rooms for strange temperatures, but who has the cash to put into the heating and cooling zone control? Not myself and others or him! It was much easier and better to move out on my own! At the moment, I control my own thermostat, and not to mention, the only time air conditioning is on is in the warm summer season!

zone control system