She got a wifi thermostat

When I was invited to hang out at my brother’s place. I realized that my brother had gotten a new thermostat installed. I complimented my brother on the current thermostat and said the air quality was noticeably better too. My brother explained that he not only had the smart thermostat added, but he also got a upscale UV air purification for wonderful air quality and a dehumidifier to keep the humidity levels just correct in the winter. I was seriously wowed by all of this. There were quite a few men and women at the apartment and the temperature was unquestionably just wonderful. That Heating and A/C idea was incredibly powerful. I was saying to some of our friends, I would love to have a current Heating and A/C idea just like my brothers. Of course, I unquestionably couldn’t afford something just like that anytime soon. I had enough things to think about financially. It was certainly hard for me to make it to the next payment without going broke, let alone buying an extravagant current Heating and A/C system. I suppose some men are a lot better at saving their cash than others. I figured my brother must have gotten money from our parents or something. No way could he afford a smart thermostat, UV lights, air purifier and new HVAC on what he makes at the office. Maybe I should try that and get myself some new HVAC equipment. Fair is fair right?