She knows her HVAC

You know, there’s something to be desired in a person who knows her way around heavy machinery. I’ve dated boys here in addition to there in the past that had some mechanical expertise, but the person I married is nothing short of an engineering genius. My wife went to university to acquire a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, in addition to did this while now working full-time as a heating, ventilation in addition to undefined repair worker. At first, our wife said that she was satisfied with just now working as an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C worker. Her pay was great for the amount of personal investment needed, as she just needed her certification in Heating, Ventilation plus A/C service to find work in the industry. However, she realized that people who were specialists in addition to making even better money had formal education. That’s when I met her, as she was now working full-time while also attending university full-time! She had incredible dedication in addition to showed real conviction to make her goals achievable. When both of us moved in together, both of us shared a cozy two-home office apartment, which had some issues with the heating in addition to undefined plan when both of us first moved in. However, those troubles went away abruptly as our wife had the licensing required to handle refrigerant. She could also purchase the parts she needed to repair our heating in addition to undefined units from business in town that catered to dealers. My friends used to joke with us, in addition to say that I was the damsel in distress when it came to our relationship. I had no concern with that – I was the one who never had to pay for heating in addition to undefined repairs!

HVAC expert