Sitting in the waiting area

Just the other month, my wife and I went on a relaxing vacation in South America. When we checked into the hotel, we came to learn that our room did not possess a climate control system at all. When I was talking to the customer service people about it, they didn’t understand what the problem was. I was telling them that we needed an HVAC unit inside of our room, but they were not comprehending it. Their English was not the best but when they finally got the owner of the place, he explained that in their country HVAC units are not used, generally. The best that they could do was provide us with a big fan, complimentary of course. Well, I thought that was better than nothing and I really didn’t want to ruin our trip, so I took him up on it. It was okay when we had the windows open and had that fan blasting creating a decent breeze. Of course it wasn’t nearly as good as some good old fashioned air conditioning, but we just made the best of it, my wife and I. Touring the area was the highlight of the trip and we actually found a cab driver that had A/C in his car! We were ecstatic about it. The cab did smell a little strange, but with that cool A/C flowing, we ignored it. We ended up paying the cab driver extra money to drive us around for the most of that day. We were a little reluctant to leave the comfort of the A/C when we were done touring the area, but we ultimately had a great time regardless.

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